Corporate structure

VIVAT Verwaltungs GmbH acts as the management company for all VIVAT companies and is therefore the direct contact for all your concerns.

The other VIVAT companies are autonomous companies and in turn develop new financial and investment concepts that are tailored as closely as possible to the needs of our customers.


For years we have been successfully investing in long-term, stable investment areas such as gold and the real estate market, in order to remain largely independent of fluctuations on the capital markets. As a result, our clients benefit from the highest possible returns and maximum satisfaction.


Quarterly interest payments, plannable terms with a fixed contract end and different investment amounts offer you the greatest possible flexibility.


We offer you above-average returns - the ideal alternative to other financial instruments.



Management companies

The task of our management companies is the design and execution of internal organisational processes.

Issuing companies

Our issuing companies are responsible for the conception as well as the issuance of financial products.

Project companies

In order to manage our projects professionally, we establish a separate project company for each individual real estate project. In cooperation with experienced experts, this company takes over the purchase, planning and implementation of the reconstruction measures as well as the sale of the property.