Hofgut Wolferborn

Hofgut Wolferborn GmbH
Project No.: 202023

Project description

The palatial Hofgut Wolferborn was first mentioned in a document in the 12th century. The listed ensemble of buildings includes a guest house, a farm shop, a historical still house, a restaurant, stables and a house. The antiquated fabric will be refurbished from top to bottom and empty objects brought back to life by converting them to residential and commercial premises.

About the property

  • Project category: Residential and commercial
  • Project type: Listed properties
  • Building: 1800
  • Purchase: 2020

About the location

  • Location in the district Wolferborn in the Hessian town Büdingen between Frankfurt and Fulda
  • Idyllic, family-friendly location
  • Stores and facilities for daily needs within a few minutes by car

Investment data

  • Investment amount: EUR 450.000
  • (planned) revenue*: EUR 903.000

Note: *) This value is a forecast.

Property location


The offered property is 35 minutes by car from Hanau and 49 minutes by car from Fulda. Hanau has 97,137 and Fulda 67,980 inhabitants. There is a University of Applied Sciences in Fulda and a University of Cooperative Education in Hanau.

Fulda, the seat of the Diocese of Fulda, is the most interesting of the two towns from a tourist and historical perspective. The town is characterised by Fulda Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, both of which were built in the Baroque style and are well worth seeing. St Boniface, who was one of the Christian missionaries in the Germanic areas of the Frankish Empire in the seventh century AD, is buried in the cathedral.

The university cities of Gießen (55 minutes by car) and Frankfurt (56 minutes by car) are somewhat further away. Justus Liebig University in Gießen and Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt offer excellent educational opportunities.



Büdingen is a small town with a population of 22,808 in the Wetterau district of Hesse between Hanau, Gießen and Fulda. The offered property is located in the suburb of Wolferborn, which is 12 minutes by car from the town centre. Wolferborn has a population of 910. The location can be described as bucolic. Those who love nature and country life and enjoy extensive hiking or jogging are in the right place here.

The nearest supermarkets, schools and medical practices are located in the town centre of Büdingen, which is 12 minutes away by car. Supermarkets include Norma, Rewe, Penny, Aldi, Lidl, DM chemist's, Gut Kauf and many more. Schools include the College of Further Education for Commerce, Administration and Business Information Systems, Schule am Dohlberg secondary school, and Wolfgang Ernst grammar school. The practices of Dr Peter Itzel (general practitioner), Dr Razvan Alexandrescu (general practitioner), Dr Annette Lorch (general practitioner), Dr Wolfram Pflugmacher (general practitioner), Dr Thomas Utrobicic (specialist for internal medicine) and Dr Jürgen Strack (anaesthesiologist) provide medical care.