VIVAT Jupiter

VIVAT Jupiter GmbH
Project No.: 202134

Project description

Dieses im Jahr 1994 erbaute Einkaufszentrum befindet sich im Leipziger Stadtteil Grünau-Nord. Nach den planmäßigen Renovierungs- und Modernisierungsarbeiten erfolgt der Weiterverkauf des Gebäudes.

About the property

  • Project category: Business
  • Project type: Existing properties
  • Building: 1994
  • Purchase: 2021

About the location

  • Kultur- und Wirtschaftsstandort Leipzig ca. 150 km südwestlich der Bundeshauptstadt Berlin
  • Lage im Leipziger Stadtteil Grünau-Nord
  • Sehr gute Verkehrsanbindung

Investment data

  • Investment amount: EUR 3.500.000
  • (planned) revenue*: EUR 5.220.000

Note: *) This value is a forecast.

Property location


Jupiterstrasse 44/44a is located in the Leipzig district of Grünau-Nord, part of the Free State of Saxony, Germany. When the building was developed as part of the prefabricated housing movement in the 70s and 80s, it was also given the name Housing Complex 7. The district covers an area of about 8.7 km² and had a population of over 43,500 people in 2016, making it the largest district in Leipzig. The population density is 7,620 residents/km². The local area has plenty of open and green spaces, but also has all the features of a modern cityscape. The historical village church is located right at the heart of Schönau. Other parishes include the Catholic Church of St Martin and the Protestant St Paul's Church. The eastern part of Lake Kulwitz borders onto the Grünau district. In addition to swimming facilities, the local recreation area also offers a diving school, a water ski facility and boat rental. Grünau has a total of 20 schools, 17 sports halls, 6 old people's and nursing homes, 18 childcare centres, 14 pharmacies and 80 private-practice doctors. Over 320 retail outlets, the PEP shopping centre and the Allee-Center are located in the district. The good infrastructure is also characterised by the area’s modern cycle and footpath system.



The location features an array of properties and businesses. The section of the building features a gym, a dance school, an old people's home, a pharmacy and a grocery store. There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the building at Jupiterstrasse 44/44a and in the immediate vicinity. There is a childcare centre about 100 metres to the south and another the same distance to the north-west. A primary school is located at 5 minutes’ distance on foot.

The busses 62 and 66 connect the Grünau district with the surrounding districts and suburbs. Every hour, the neighbourhood bus 66, known as the Grünolino, makes a round trip through Grünau and helps people access all the important shops, facilities and residential areas. Grünau has a total of 4 access points to the urban railway station, which is geared towards transporting people to the inner city. The line S1 runs every 30 minutes. A-Road 87 can be accessed directly just two streets away from the building.