General information on VIVAT

VIVAT is an international company operating in the area of investment products with its registered office in Kempten in the Allgäu region of Southern Germany. Since the foundation of the company in 2012, we have offered our customers innovative investment concepts and taken care of their financial well-being. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we focus on real assets and enable optimum capital gain for investors by investing in real estate and precious metals.


The ‘qualified subordinated loan’ product constellation of our investments in tangible assets (loans secured by a property charge, real estate and precious metals) enables us to offer the highest possible level of security for your capital.


We give you above-average returns. Investments with returns from 4% to 10% p.a. is the best alternative to other types of investment in Germany.


Range of terms, partial payouts up to 30%, flexible decrease and increase of monthly contributions, as well as the option to suspend contributions for a certain period of time due to financial difficulty – flexibility has never been greater

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