Gold is in short supply, because the world’s total gold reserves would only fill a cube with an edge length of 20 metres. However, the demand for gold is constantly increasing. The growing demand for gold therefore not only guarantees that its value is maintained but that it will also continue to increase.

Why gold is so valuable

People have attached the highest value to gold for thousands of years. Gold stood and still stands for maximum value retention. Its purchasing power remained constant for hundreds of years, even with inflation or a change in currency. The limited global gold holdings also generally keep the value of the precious metal at a stable level.

Your financial well-being is worth its weight in gold to us

We would like to make the most of this advantage for ourselves but even more for our customers. The company currently holds 60.6 kg of gold and can demonstrate greater independence from fluctuations on the capital market thanks to this additional capital reserve. As a result, we offer appropriate protection for your capital in addition to attractive interest rates and flexible terms.


Type of investment

60.600 g

Investment amount
EUR 2,038,000

Value as of 31.12.2019
approx. EUR 2,724,500